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Jims Movember! Via Jims Iphone The 25th Line (WoW Comedy)

Happy Movember from everyone at BVP, I hope your mo’s are growing in strong my friends!! We got ahold of Jim’s iphone for a special quick Movember video! 25th Line returns next month for the official REVAMP of the series and of BVP WoW Machinima!! Created in World of Warcraft/Photoshop Music:Infected Euphoria – Machinimasound.com

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Elemental Shaman Warsong Gulch Call to Arms Montage

Hi guys, Sorry its been so long since my last video but here is is! This is a montage I put together from call to arms Warsong Gulch. If you enjoy this please do like and/or subscribe. Facebook page – Tags – Tags – world of warcraft mists of pandaria mop world of warcraft pvp warsong gulch live wow arena pvp montage level 85 90 world of warcraft arena battlegrounds swifty crit eye of the storm arathi basin rogue ownage cataclysm heroic WoW next level pvp nlp wow mop questing silvershard mine rbg RBG tutorial pvp world of warcraft mists of pandaria battleground mini montage warsong gulch arathi basin eye of the storm temple of kotmogu game 4 glory

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WoW Fire Mage vs. Destro Lock! MoP Lvl 90

Hello! Fire mage vs. Destro Lock! I finally got to 90 with my mage!! And I got decent gear. I did some duels against some locks, you can’t say that they ain’t geared! I hope you enjoy! Music: Blackmill – Miracle

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TSG with Drizlet and Illoon – 3v3 WoW Arena

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Wreckin’ Faces With Dat Tier 2 – Temple of Kotmogu (World of Warcraft Gameplay/ Commentary)

Sorry for not posting in the last 3 weeks, I’ll try and be more active. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video. Sidenote: I hit 600 subs, thanks guys for all your support, it means a lot. xoxo ———————————————————————————————————– Music (Intro) by Approaching Nirvana: Song: Colosseum Get the song on iTunes: bit.ly Permission to use was given by Approaching Nirvana: bit.ly ———————————————————————————————————– Song: Ignis Solus – Lars Erik Fjøsne Buy the song at music.litfusefilms.com ———————————————————————————————————– Outro by Sir Sirius: Song: Stratospheric Escape Link: bit.ly Free Download: soundcloud.com soundcloud.com ———————————————————————————————————–

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