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World of Warcraft PvP UI and Add Ons

World of Warcraft PvP UI explanation with my add ons usage advance UI. Enjoy :) Join Next Level PvP with me: MonsterCatMedia [Dubstep] – Varien – Cloak and Dagger [Monstercat Release] Arion – Cold Blood & Ice Cream Cones (Electro) Atlas – Feint (Drum and bass) Add Ons: Dominos DR Tracker Debuff Filter Range Display Xperl Unit Frames Necrotic Tracker DKM Runes Ecasting Bar Doom Cooldown Pulse Gladius Gladiator LOS SA Tidy Plates Dr Damage Shadow Unit Frames – just search it on curse.com

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WoW – Shadez 60 twink Rogue PvP Montage ( MoP )

Watch in HD trying out some 60 twinking, lvling alot lately so will have a 60 rogue, 2x 70 rogues, 1x 80 rogue, 1x 85 rogue and 2x 90 rogues rofl, well hope u enjoy this video, what i could put together Facebook: 60 rogue armory: eu.battle.net 70 rogue armory eu.battle.net Main armory: eu.battle.net Thanks for watching :) – Shadez

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The Spirit Kings 10 Man Heroic Mogu’Shan Vaults Guide – FATBOSS

The Spirit Kings 10 Man Heroic strategy guide brought to you by FATBOSS. Please “like” the video if it helped you kill this boss and please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions! Subscribe for more guides! Thanks to Flat Earth Society, go check out the guild here: Check out the weekly Fatboss show – FATBOSS Livestream – Follow us on Twitter – “Like” us on Facebook – Music by Monstercat Media – Buy the latest Monstercat Album – itunes.apple.com

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Channel Update, Being Sick, WoW PvP, Variety Content

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LFR: Heart of Fear Garalon

Did LFR the other day and fought Garalon, took 3 tries to down him (and I join in progress, so idk how long it took them before I joined)! Difficult boss in an LFR environment, but was rather rewarding once we downed him. Requires a lot of coordination. DPS attacking the legs, no one standing under the boss, lots of kiting, 2 dps kiting pheromones, and movement but overall a fun fight! Intro Template from ravenprodesigns.com (added the WoW characters myself) Blogs outofmana.me http Portfolio: veronica-davis.com (available for freelance!) Follow me twitter.com Etsy Shop: etsy.com Warcraft and more charms!

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