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10 Cool One-Handed Maces & Location Guide (World of Warcraft)

This is a World of Warcraft showcase/tutorial on how to obtain a series of one-handed maces for transmogrification on your characters. Music by Kevin Macleod: incompetech.com The maces are not displayed in any particular order so please don’t flame if you don’t like some. If you know some cool maces I missed, let me know and drop a comment :). What weapon type or wow guide should I make next, let me know! So far the vote is for bows, and thanks for watching.

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WoW Frost DK PvP Level 90 Mists of Pandaria BG

Sup guys. Here is a little vid of my frost dk, kpdizzle, doing a bg with my healer snowraccoon. We r on darkspear. Yes, we are geared so it makes bgs fun and more easy. Multiple out numbered but not out geared fights. Please subscribe! I do not own rights to songs. Tags: wow mage pvp frost dk deathknight world of warcraft mists of pandaria battleground horde vs alliance win pwnage ownage lol funny msi song arthas illidan warcraft 3 frozen throne wrath of the lich king reign of chaos world of warcraft sex dranei night elf blood elf kael thas northrend eastern kingdoms wc3 mount hyjal battle of summit 25man raid archimonde human orc undead black temple zul jin za bear caverns of time private wow trance porn tyranda whisperwind dota song music dance interesting strange WoW world of warcraft PVP season game gold hack of video Free counter strike world of epic raid warcraft comedy macedonia makedonija wow funny powerleveling world warcraft gold guide vendors weath on wealth blizzard ban your account dontbuygold wealthonwarcraft.com wowgrrl making gold guide wow world warcraft gold hack cheat funny farming netherdrake mount veridian frost mage pvp battleground warsong gulch wsg arathi basin ab eye of the storm eots alterac valley av bg premade organized org karazhan metal gear solid 4 mgs4 snake eater naked solid big boss eva ocelot liquid guide horde alliance leveling cha ching bling rich hundreds world of warcraft WoW gold Hack exploit cheat blizzard money cash free coin …

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Eatmopie Does some Brewmaster Monk Tanking Because I Felt Like it

Thumbs up for my computer not exploding when I forgot to turn off the Ultra setting… :D Hey All Just a quick heroic ( I felt like tanking )and some really sexy music to add to a playlist. I am still in the very early stages of learning to edit with wow model viewer so don’t be to hard on me.. Also don’t forget to like,Subscribe,and leave me some comments about my proposal at the end of the vid… If you made it that far haha. If you didn’t make it that far would you be interested in some kind of pvp event were we all get together and do something fun.. I can’t say what because it would depend on the turn out but I’m open to suggestions, Also I am not able to Live stream right now, once I get my computer fixed shortly after the holidays, I am pretty sure that will be a real thing. Thanks, Eatmopie Check out my FB: The New Improved TGN: Http And Please support the Amazing Artists that Allow us to Use their music: Artists and Tracks in order of appearance: Artist Sites: soundcloud.com Artist/Song: MitiS – Endeavors Download: soundcloud.com ——————————————– Artist Sites: Artist/Song: MusicHSx – Crushing Download: ——————————————— Artist Sites: soundcloud.com Artist/Song: UrpleActus – Alive Download: soundcloud.com …

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WoW Raid Boss 101 – Solo Archemond !!

Most of the solo fights we see are very easy IF you follow one simple rule. Arche is no different, master one mechanic and it will be plain sailing. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface) and “Like” my Facebook page too !!

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Follow me: twitch.tv and see the whole process there. We did it guys, world record 1-90 solo questing in 1 day 22 hours with out refer a friend experience boosting, with out rested experience abuse, complete solo questing from 1 to 90 world record achieved!! Over 1895 quests completed, 41 quests per hour, at 1 quest completion every 1.5 minutes!! [UPDATE] I was wrong, Quests completed 1895!!! lol To be eligible for the give away to win any battle.net companion pet of your choice and a chance to win a Cinder Kitten!!! 1. Subscribe to my youtube 2. Like this video 3. Favorite this video. 4. Leave a comment below! You have till December 20th to leave your comments! This is video game footage commentary and video footage of myself in a vlog fomat with commentary on this video game (world of warcraft) which according to the game’s developers / owners (blizzard entertainment) I have every right and permission to use in videos, and can provide proof if necessary.

Watch the best WOW Videos and Movies on Warcraft-Video.com

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