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Handie 1 – World of Warcraft: MoP Warrior PvP Montage

For more WoW videos, make sure to subscribe to my new channel: ________________________________________________________ Hey everyone!! :) I haven’t done an edit in some time now ’cause this is what I’ve been spending my time doing. I don’t really feel like editing CS:S or anything atm. But about the video! This is not a video based on uber sick skills, it’s kinda a test edit. Wanted to try editing in WoW, so that’s what I did. Wanted to throw in some arena matches too, but didn’t really got to record it, as I forgot all about it. Also, please don’t dislike the video because you don’t really like the game at all, it’s my personal choice and I enjoy playing this game. For those of you who already play the game or know if quite well, I hope you enjoy watching this video! ^^ Again, don’t blame me for hunting down lowbies or anything, it’s a TEST edit ^^ Hope you enjoy!! Songs used in this clip: Crown the Empire – Breaking Point Crown the Empire – Memories of a Broken Heart The artist! ~ sTM

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The Sha of Auto-Tune

This time every year, when the decorations go up around Azeroth, I get to thinking… What do I *really* want for my World-of-Warcraft Christmas? Greatfather Winter asked me to write a Christmas song about it, so I answered with all my heart. Also introducing T-Stain, my newest, imaginary auto-tuned ninja gummi bear friend, who appeared the moment I set foot in Pandaria. I had good intentions of explaining the rationale behind this song with an opening/closing story, but then I got distracted by Bonus Loot… Dat Bonus Loot… What do YOU want for WoW Christmas? Put it in your comment! * * * * Thanks for watching! Oh and {â–• â–¡ â–•} (Thanks Doulie)

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Lvl 90 PoM Fire Mage vs Resto Shaman PvP Duel How to Guide Patch 5.1 by Droon

Sometimes it takes 10-15sec until quality really changes to 1080HD, dunno what causes it. Thanks for likes and subscribes ppl!

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FREE World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria keys 12 December 2012

All of Your friends are playing World of Warcraft : Mists of Padndaria, but You can’t because You don’t have the key? Well, I have a solution for You! Visit my site, download the key and start playing this awesome game today! no1mistsofpandaria.webs.com Free working keygen WoW World of Warcraft Key giveaway World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Wow keygen Free Wow keygen World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria generator

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A Guide to Timing is Everything [VOX] (HoF)

A Vox Immortalis Commentary Guide to the Timing is Everything achievement, part of the Grand Empress Shek’zeer encounter in Heart of Fear. Please subscribe: bit.ly World of Logs: worldoflogs.com For more Guides and Guild Info, check us out at: Search tags below, please ignore. wow mmo “world of warcraft” mop “mists of pandaria” raid strategy guide “how to” how-to help commentary “voice over” 10-man “10 man” 10m vox “vox immortalis” 5.0 “Timing is Everything” “Grand Empress Shek’zeer” “Heart of Fear”

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