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Arena 2v2 – Slezas Ft. Feral – Going Druid Cleave, lool – WoW MoP Patch 5.1

Hey guys and welcome back to a new video with Slezas. I’m just playing some 2v2 with a friend, and he’s actually playing Druid like me, just Feral. So we’re just playing some 2v2 for fun. I hope you enjoy & Thanks for watching. â-¶Join The Crib/Subscribe: â-¶Livestream: â-¶Facebook: Armory – Monk: eu.battle.net Armory – Druid: eu.battle.net Char Name: Slezas Stormscale Eu Horde.

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Level 90 Warrior PVP – BLADESTORM, Baby Bladestorm! Patch 5.1 Gameplay – World of Warcraft

Just people falling dead at my feet when I storm. World of Warcraft Warrior PVP! Patch 5.1 – Mists of Pandaria. Fezinator Gaming }*!*{ TWITTER }*!*{ —— twitter.com }*!*{ FACEBOOK }*!*{ – }*!*{ ADDONS }*!*{ —— Farhan: TGN Intro music from “Epic Rock Instrumental” by Farhan, used with permission ➜ farhan.tgn.tv Von Music by vOn! (used with permission by the artist) Soundcloud: soundcloud.com Facebook: Intro & Outro music was created by me.

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I Bought WoW Gold Then Got Hacked!

Free Entry for Caldari Raven Replica from the EVE Battleship Collection – I’ve started streaming some stuff live to Twitch again. Subscribe to me there to get alerts about live gameplay, commentary and the live shows. You can also get the application for your IPhone or Android and be alerted on your phone when I’m live. :) EVE codes with a bonus of Aliastra Catalyst Destroyer, Destroyers Skillbook and Cerebral Accelerator Booster Like MarkeeDragon.com on FaceBook: Find me on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com Music Supplied by Monstercat: Monstercat 010 – Conquest Album Download Amazon: Album Download Itunes: itunes.apple.com Artist Names and links to Videos: Tut Tut Child – Run The Show Channel:

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Warcraft 3 – 385

WTii plays Random Team on Warcraft 3 twitter.com facebook.com plus.google.com Support the channel with a donation: Any donations are greatly appreciated & help me to keep doing what I do, many thanks. WTii ^~ Produced by WTii Subscribe, Like & Comment! ======================================== Game: Warcraft 3 (The Frozen Throne) Media: Gameplay Commentary Version: 1.26 Mode: Multiplayer Platform: PC Genres: Real-time Strategy, fantasy ======================================== Subscribe, Like & Comment!

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WoW PvP – Warlock PvP – Still Gearing up! #2

If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up, thanks :D! Please go to my facebook and participate in the poll for what kind of videos you want to see more of in the future. ~ FOLLOW ME & SUBSCRIBE: ▏ Facebook: ▏ Twitter: twitter.com ▏ YouTube: ▏ Livestream:

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