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Externally Feral: 1 [Giveaway Winner!!]

THUMB UP TO SUPPORT ZENON! ==================================== Hey Guys, today is the BIG DAY! Hope you like the very special montage I made just to show off the winner and my new series, Externally Feral! The name is a work in progress, not entirely sure if that name will stick. I will continue the giveaways soon! I will update you all on future giveaways here on my Facebook: (@Credit Section) So be sure to like me on Facebook b/c all of you will get first notice on many things people don’t see who are subscribed to me! Any Comments, Suggestions, or Questions, send me a PM. I get back to it 100% of the time. Merry Christmas Everyone and I hope you all have a GREAT new year! Thanks, Xenon Important Information: If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friends! Currently the only way I’m getting views is by the awesomeness of my wonderful viewers. I upload lots of WoW Montages, Commentaries, Guides for my Feral Druid and my 19 Twinks. So yeah, subscribe to me broskies! ==================================== Credits: ★Youtube channel: ★Twitter: twitter.com ★Facebook: ★Click this link: tinyurl.com ★GunHo Referal Link: ★This video was inspired by Kajeezy. ( ★Donations are Accepted, but are PURELY optional. All money made from it is taken and spent on upgrades to PC, Software, and Giveaways. Thus going back to you guys! (tinyurl.com Free Music from: machinimasound.com The free …

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World of Warcraft – Shadow Priest PvP – Christmas BG

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and show you some highlights of my game on Christmas. This is a fairly one sided Battle for Gilneas. I hope you enjoy and if you do please take a moment to give a thumbs up. Music by Killigrew

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World of warcraft PvP Warlock 90 “Widx”

Hello This is my First Video please Like,Favorite And Subscribe Shout out to Texin And 7MooD And Zobrax and 7abash IV and all of my friends Have fun And Feel free to comment … Like if u want me to make another movie but work hard on it ;p Server : Kazzak Eu

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♥ 4000g/hr – WoW Gold Grinding Spots – Best WoW Gold Cap

bit.ly Visit the link to download a copy of Tycoon Gold today. I just discovered this amazing gold addon that automates the most powerful gold grinding spots in the game. So far it’s made me a fortune and I suggest you check it out immediately… bit.ly It’s called Tycoon and it’s the most powerful gold grinding product I’ve ever used. PDF guides don’t even come close. In the first day I pulled in over 17000g and I didn’t even understand how the addon worked yet. bit.ly Not only does it pull in massive gold in minimum time, but it makes gold making fun again. Here’s just a FEW of the cool things it does: – Scans the auction house, studies your economy, and tells you the most profitable items in the game. (Insane) – If that item, for example, is something that should be gathered with mining it will give you an optimized mining route that leads you over the most densely populated mining nodes in a zone… resulting in over 2-3 times more ore than normal. – It does this for all the major strategies in the game, like Gold Gathering, Gold Grinding, and Crafting. – It even knows if there is too much competition and tells you to go for a different item instead. – You can choose any strategy you prefer, such as crafting, and Tycoon will give you a list of just Crafting items to make for huge profit… (and then it goes on to show you how to make it and where to grind materials for even more profit!) bit.ly There is a lot more features in this addon but those are just a few that …

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Shadow Priest Duels VS T2 Players – Mop 5.1 Pvp

Hey guys, another Shadow Priest dueling video. This movie is divided in two parts. In the first one, I duel T2 players (I was using t1), and in the second part of the video I duel classes with t1 but with 2000+CR on arenas or rbgs. In the last video, some viewers said that I was dueling some unskilled and ungeared players. So, this time, I made sure I was dueling the right people. Everyone in this video has the same amount of gear as I do (except the t2 players of course), and everyone is over 2000+CR.

Watch the best WOW Videos and Movies on Warcraft-Video.com

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