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A 25th Christmas – WoW Comedy (The 25th Line Christmas Special)

Its Christmas on The 25th Line! The army has a little downtime from their war against the troublesome Orc army to enjoy some quality time with each other and exchange Christmas gifts! Presenting the latest Installment of the “The 25th Line” series and of BVP WoW Machinima!! Directed and Produced By: Corey Bannerman Written By: Ryan Bannerman and Shane Rawlins Voiced By: Ryan Bannerman, Shane Rawlins, Jarred Currie, Maggie Daily. Grande Crotch the Devirginator Technical: FIlmed on Nazgrel-US using only 5-6 different characters / accounts (thank you to to my guildies who let me use their accounts even tho I had to activate 2 of them!! lol), the rest were cleverly inserted using Modelviewer, SFX Copyright by Blizzard And crowd army sfx / Studio Voiceovers by Mediavoice.ca and Bvilleproductions.com . Credit Music by Machinimasound.com. If we get enough subscribers and Interest we plan on doing a full season in 2013! Already in pre-production. Based of the video “The 25th Line” which was originally a submission to the Blizzcon 2010 movie contest.

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World of warcraft mists of pandaria – 13 серия (прокачка/приключение с1-90)

Привет всем! Мы продолжаем приключение в игре World of warcraft – mists of pandaria! Продолжаем наше приключение хомячков! Ð’ данной серии компанию нам составил Юрик – супер-опытны…

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Patch 5.1 is out! | What happened to (Fire) Mages? | Zevinox

Hey guys :DD Let me know what happened to YOUR class in the comment section and tell me how you like it ;) I might sound a little bored or tired…That’s because I’m sick, I have a motherf**king throat infection xD I just wanted to upload a video because I wanted to upload a video lol ^_^ Hope you enjoyed, please drop me a like / fav or even subscribe to my channel ;) I’m an idiot, I forgot my outtro pic… haha :D Music: Dame – 12 Millionen ; Feint – Airplanes DnB -Zevin

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Top 5 Anime For D&D Players

—–PS All of these shows have been dubbed in to English—– Top 5 Anime every Dungeons and Dragons player should watch. All of these shows have a fantasy/swords&magic/RPG theme. Some of my reasoning: #5 – great for DMs especially. Will give you great idea for different settings and environments. #4 – my longest running campaign was based of of this show. Very good plot. #3 – great for Players especially. Many of the characters in this show are D&D “classes”, and can give you idea for character themes, builds, etc #2 – most popular “sword&magic” show of all time. Nuff said. #1 – newest show on this list. The plot to this show sounds just like a D&D campaign. Again all of the character are D&D classes (fighter, cleric, wizard, etc). So what are your thoughts? Any shows you think should be on this list? Wanna make your own list?! Leave comments and video responses! _____________________________________________________________ And of course, there’s always Facebook:

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Machinima To The Max Promo Directors/ShuffelProductions description: ———————————————————————————————————————- When you get to play Eye of the tiger and Dancing in the moonlight in a WoW Video you know you deserve a pat on the back. This video is purely for entertainment purposes, not trying to imply anything to Braindeadly or Braindeadly fans. It was just funny the way the games happened. To the end of the video it shows future videos to come with more serious gameplay. Thanks guys for watching :). First song – Eye of the Tiger Second Song – Toploader : Dancing in the Moonlight Third Song – Dizzee Rascal – Jus’ a rascal Fourth Song – Nero – Innocence ———————————————————————————————————– – ShuffelProductions/Directors channel: – MTTM’s channel: – Official MTTM’s facebook Fan page: – Offical MTTM’s Steam community Group: steamcommunity.com Like/Comment/Subscribe!

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