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5.1 PTR still awesomely buggy (WHAT PREMADES START WITH)


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World Of Warcraft Leveling Guide For Mists of Pandaria

Check out this awesome World of Warcraft Leveling guide for mists of Pandaria. It is a complete in game WoW Quest Addon that offers the fastest and most fun way to level any toon in WoW. It will auto detect your race and start the guide in the right starting area. If you have a toon you have been leveling this World of Warcraft leveling guide wil read your quest log and start the guide at the best point for your race, class and level. It is an awesome World of Warcraft leveling guide that is ready to take your toons to from 1-90, 85-90 or whatever level toon you have to level 90 in the fastest time possible. The best World of Warcraft leveling guide

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MINECRAFT 1.4.2 IS OUT! – Removed Herobrine O:

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Mage Rogue 2v2 Season 12 (Teamspeak Commentary/Gameplay)

Never claim to be the best, but thought I’d share some arena footage :D hope you enjoy. Music:

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WoW – Reqy: Monk Macro’s

I’m not posting them in here cause their not that complicated, but if enough people ask for it I’ll put them down here If you have suggestions for another guide be specific please :) Also if you find out any way to control xuan let me know (petfollow petpassive petattack don’t work)

Watch the best Warcraft Videos on Warcraft-Video.com

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