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If The RPG Is A Brigade, Who Are The Elite Officers?

A clarification video in response to my last one with my thoughts on the Brigade. My thoughts weren’t as clear as I would have liked. Finals weeks and all. I’ll just make my thoughts clear right here: A) Anyone and everyone is a part of the RPG Community, and thus the RPG Brigade. B) I see the Community/Brigade as a guild. And anyone can join, which is cool. With that said, the “guild” should have elite officers. They are NOT separate, they are a part of the guild. They are just recognized above other channels because they have a track record of putting out quality videos. PS You know what else all guilds have? Guild Masters. But thats a-whole-nother story! ________________________________________________________________ Like My Page “D&D Memes” on Facebook:

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Arena 2v2 – Slezas Ft. RShaman. Dat Burst – WoW MoP Patch 5.1

Hey guys and welcome back. I’m just playing some more 2v2 today with a friend. He’s Resto Shaman, and called Cuddlelovinx We are playing Rshaman & Feral Druid. I hope you enjoy & Thanks for watching. â-¶Join The Crib/Subscribe: â-¶Livestream: â-¶Facebook: Armory – Monk: eu.battle.net Armory – Druid: eu.battle.net Char Name: Slezas Stormscale Eu Horde.

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World of Warcraft – Shadow Priest PvP – Alliance Apocolypse

Here is a short montage of some of the games I played around the “Apocolypse”. Seems like the Mayans really wanted the alliance dead and I was happy to help! I hope you enjoy and please give a thumbs up if you do. Royalty Free Music by audiomicro.com

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IF YOU GUYS LIKED THIS VID, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :) THANKS! Hey guys, Its the Twinz here :). Thought i might make a Warglaive ownage Montage vid for you’s to enjoy, Pwning with 70 legendaries :) [Korrupt] us.battle.net [Byson] us.battle.net Song List: SONG: INTRO 1 – Vanilla WoW – Login Track INTRO 2 – [DRUMSTEP] Feint – Laurence First Song – Hardwell – Spaceman (Eliminate Remix) [Drumstep] These Musics are Royalty free

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[RSPS] Runecore EPIC Hybrid Edit feat. DDS ☃

DON’T WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU DON’T LIKE PRIVATE SERVERS (I haven’t quit btw, just pvp in EoC sucks) Hey doods, so as I said in this video I’m sorry it’s been over a week and no videos! Daheck is my problem. However winter break officially starts on the 21st so I hope to have more time then. As for this video, if we hit 10 thumbs up I will make a 3-5 minute montage of hybrid clips on Runecore, so hit that “Like” button!!! Play Runecore: Rights for song used goes to it’s rightful owner: Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora

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