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Feral Druid | PvP + Leveling | WoW Mists of Pandaria Gameplay/commentary

Check me out on facebook: If you message me on fb I will always get back to you! So if you have anyquestions Feel free to contact me on there! Leveling my kitty guys!

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Blood Deathknight Basic Tank Guide 5.0.5 Gameplay

The Blood DK is reigning supreme, all bow before the might which has been long deserved.

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Cottage MoP 3v3 Action + Editor Update

GotEmBuzzing – my new editor! :) Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below! His editing style is different than mine, but you guys may like it better, who knows! – 33% discount to the best WoW PvP guides in the world! Thank you for watching!

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- Gold Farm – 3000 gold in 30mins – Mist of Pandaria – World of Warcraft -

I review and test a gold farming guide! The guide creator makes a claim you can make 25K, but I disbelieved that is still possible today, but wanted to see if it was still a good farming spot! So I set out to test this today (10/22/2012) on Proudmoore US server I gold farm this spot for 30mins to sample test it and give you all my findings! If you find this helpful or enjoyed the video please subscribe! Comment below any questions, requests, or suggestions! Thanks for watching and see you next time! Auctioneer auctioneeraddon.com Mist-Piercing Goggles This is the Video Guide I wanted to test, because 25K an hour seems unrealistic for normal circumstances.

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Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode Gear Effects: Death Knight

Challenge Modes allow coordinated 5-player groups to jump into Heroic dungeons and attempt to set time-trial records. Groups who can achieve gold medals are awarded with unique gear looks for use in Transmogrification — with a twist. These gear sets behave like nothing before, activating and reacting to their wearer’s combat actions. Grab some friends and guildies and give Challenge Modes a shot! battle.net

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