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Mop Patch 5.1 Ptr, Challenge Modes, Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5

Change the quality to 1080p! I finally figured it out! About time! Hope everyone’s enjoying Mists of Pandaria! Fatboss Guide to Mogu’shan Vaults: Stone Guard 10 Man Regular Patch 5.1 PTR Notes us.battle.net This weeks patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes blue.mmo-champion.com blue.mmo-champion.com Hallow’s End us.battle.net Diablo Patch 1.0.5 Notes us.battle.net Wowcrendor “What’s Your Luckydo”

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Thorz – WoW Keybindings + Razer Naga Basic Guide! (HD)

Hey guys, this is MY personal opinion on how I bind + Use a Razer Naga, Of course you DO NOT have to copy this :) this is just showing you how I do it :D If you enjoyed the video & it helps then please thumbs up the video, and dont forget to subscribe :)

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World Of Warcraft – Gruul’s Lair Shaman Elemental Solo

Wow soloing gruul’s lair with an elemental shaman Remember to subscribe and comment + Like! :)

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Let’s Play World of Warcraft – Part 161 – Wax On, Wax Off

Part 161 of my ‘Let’s Play’ gameplay and commentary in the MMO, World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment. In this episode we join our character ‘Seràphis’ the Pandaren Monk, as we attempt to navigate our way across one of the Singing Pools atop balancing poles, in an attempt to reach a Training Bell. Along the way we’re tasked with defeating Tushui Monks at the same time, without falling off. Once we’re done, we get sent to Old Man Liang who asks us to retrieve the Sun Pearl and kill Water Pincers, and we finally learn our professions of Mining and Skinning.. Part 160: Part 162: Coming Free Starter Edition: us.battle.net All content © Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

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VLOG #3 – Updates & Upcoming Channel Plans!

Hello everyone, this is my third Vlog, in this video I talk about some of the stuff coming soon to channel & give some updates! If you guys enjoyed the video please show it by tossing the video a Like & Comment! If you guys want to see tons of exciting World Of Warcraft gameplay don’t hesitate to check out Dara Mactire! ! Music Used: Conquer Them All – Lansdowne Be sure to check out my facebook & twitter to never miss a video! Facebook: Twitter: Thanks For Watching!

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