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Episode 7 of Grubby’s Warcraft III Commentaries

Featuring Grubby vs Infi in BlizzCon 2010. 2010 marks the first year that Chinese players obtained entrance into the world-famous BlizzCon tournament. 2010 also marked the last year that BlizzCon featured WarCraft III. In this crucial first-round match-up, Grubby found himself facing the ever-powerful Infi. The map is Melting Valley, the players are eager and the battle is about to unfold. Who shall emerge victoriously? *NOTE: This is a re-upload by request of fans. (Steelseries’ YouTube was compromised and most videos deleted including all the Grubby’s commentaries.) Grubby is not sponsored by SteelSeries anymore. Grubby’s current sponsors: TwitchTV, BenQ and SonyXperia Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode 6: — “Like” Grubby on Facebook to show your support! Follow Grubby on Twitter for updated news! Grubby’s Live Stream:

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WoW PvP #1 – Darkcuse Warlock PvP Teaser “Kill Them All”

Facebook Group: Facebook Page: What is going on everybody, if you have seen my past videos I have been working on my editing skills and trying to do alot better this is while I am working on a 4 part series to tell a story which I believe you will like. In the past I have just been uploading bg just owning people and big crits but I want to add some RP to is and make a movie out of this so here you go a trailer of whats to come. ENJOY!!

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Abyssal Wow Guide: The Best Guide To Do Mining In The Abyssal Depths

Click here linktrack.info to check out the WOW Secrets guide and dominate the Abyssal Wow I used the guide above when I play Abyssal Wow and it’s really great. Now I am about to dominate it..Hope I will be successful *cross fingers. The Wow Secrets by Peng Joon author is an amazing guy…

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Touch of Death…The Ultimate Sacrifice

This was amazing! A warrior intervenes his Warlock’s Touch of Death and it instantly kills him!! I think it’s amazing that things like this are possible! Hit that Thumbs Up button!! Music Supplied by Monstercat: Artist Name: TwoThirds Video Link: Album Download Link: itunes.apple.com treat-ep/id570278604 Channel: Support me and my new sponsor!! Twitter: twitter.com Want to help the channel grow? Help me out and click “Like” and share with friends/guildies! Be sure to pin my channel on your Homepage if you don’t want to miss a video! Facebook Page:

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World of Warcraft – Where’s my Air Support?

Speez shows how to achieve this achievement in World of Warcraft. This is done of the second boss, Commander Vo’jak on Heroic 5 man Niuzao Temple.

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