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How To: Garalon – Heart of Fear Guide – 10 Man

Hi! My name is Kiye and welcome to Angelina Jolie’s Leg. Hopefully you enjoy my explanation for our kill of Garalonalonalonlolol. Located in the Heart of Fear, Garalon is the third boss Our Group was made up of Tanks: Blood DK, Prot Warrior. Healers: Holy Pally, Resto Shaman, Resto Druid. Deeps: BM Hunter (thats me!), MW Monk, Fire Mage, Destro Lock, Arms Warrior I also have a full, uncut video of the fight with no narration on my channel, if that’s more your style. Subcribe if you enjoy my World of Warcraft Videos wow mmo “world of warcraft” mop “mists of pandaria” raid strategy guide “how to” how-to help commentary “voice over” 10-man “10 man” ” 5.0 “Normal” “Garalon” “Heart of Fear”

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Uncharted 2 Play Through EP17 Wow Trevor Can Really Talk

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Insane Pain Game Companion giveaway – Phoenix Hatchling and Emerald Whelpling ( WOW )

Hello everyone. Datholyshlt from Insane Pain Game here. Wanted to give 2 more pets away on Jan 30th 2012. A very cool Phoenix Hatchling and also an Emerald Whelpling. Contest is running a little longer than the others because we would like to give more people an opportunity to enter. Thanks for entering the previous contest and I’m glad we could give some more cool free gifts away to the World of Warcraft community. Leave your characters name, server and if your Horde or Alliance and we will contact the winners on Jan 30th. Companions can be brought to any server. Since Companions are now account bound in World of Warcraft you can put them in cages then trade them. One you put a World of Warcraft companion in a cage it is an item in your inventory. You can then trade them to another player or sell them in the auction house. Great way to build up your collection or sell those companions you don’t want for gold :o For a list of all World of Warcraft pets and information about companions, pet battles, where to find some of these easy and rare pets to get. Go to for all of your information. Great site and also you can create your own profile and compare other pets collections with other players. So far we have given away an Azure Whelpling and a Guardian Cub. This video contest we wanted to give away 2 World of Warcraft compaion pets.

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Let It Snow – Achivement Guide (World of Warcraft)

This is a World of Warcraft guide/tutorial on how to complete the in-game achievement called “Let It Snow” on your characters. Music by Kevin Macleod: incompetech.com

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Windwalker Monk DPS Rotation Guide

World of Warcraft : Mists of Pandaria’s newest class, the Monk, adds a new melee spec into the mix. This Windwalker Monk DPS guide is hoping to illuminate a little about how to mash your weapons into the faces of your enemies. For optimal damage. This guide looks over the rotation / priority system for a Windwalker Monk… but not much else. The entire time speaking a bit about why- when- how etc.

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