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Garalon 10man HC Heroic Fury Warrior PoV

«Psihijatrija» Kazzak EU vs Garalon 10man HC Heroic, our second kill. First one was epic wipe+kill due to enrage. Sadly I haven’t record it. Garalon is third encounter in Heart of Fear raid which was introduced in World of Warcraft Mists of Panderia 5.0.5. Cool fight. Sadly cleave is nerfed but it’s still nice for a warrior. Make sure to properly use your Heroic Leap as movement and bonus dps. Same goes with dancing to Zerg stance during Crush ability. Fight is combo of DPS check and ability of raid to perform. As it has two BiS items, probably good idea for Fury Warriors to roll their tokens. — Raid comp: 2 tanks 3 healers 5 dps — Interested into recruitment? psihijatrija-guild.eu Log: Music: 2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser) – Smooth Criminal

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WoW – Guild PHD – Frost DK – 1080p!

PHD – Stormscale@Cyclone. First games together! :) Steve Angello & Third Party – Lights W-Unit – Rave Revolution Reks – Say Goodnight

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Big Crits – World of Warcraft Reality Show – S5 Ep. 6 On A Roll

The holidays have prolonged this, but we are back! In S5 Ep. 6, we are On A Roll! Week 3 of raiding (second week of heroics) in this tier brought about our first TWO heroic boss kills, as well as the departure of a much loved member of the guild. Check it all out in this week’s episode. You too can rock it like a Celebrity…Download our theme song, “Celebrity” by All Night Dynamite! amzn.to —————————————————————————————————- Catch all the action on our website: bigcrits.com Interested in applying to the raid team? http Like us on facebook: Follow us on twitter: twitter.com Follow us on Twitch.tv – Check out our tumblr – bigcrits.tumblr.com

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BBBB BLADESTORM Mists of Pandaria Edition! 5v5 / 5 Warriors

IM BACK for more conquest point!!! This time in Mists of Pandaria. We had alot of fun doing this video especially the part where we met 5 frost mages :) This footage was recorded solely for the purpose of capping weekly conquest cap and we had a blast doing it :)) so yet again: We are not skilled. We are heavily undergeared. We are not hardcore. THANK GOD FOR SECOND WIND AND GLYPH OF GAG ORDER! :)) Hope you are enjoying playing warrior as much as we are. 1337 mmr Music list: Not my music. Benny Hill Theme Club Remix (Construct Productions) MitiS – Parting

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New Minecraft Server Harcore PvP Factions- MCDivision

MCDivision is a server opened on 11/11/2012. It is a very new, unique, friendly server. We are currently accepted staff. MCDivision is a great place, if you like PVP servers with no white-list, be sure to check us out! Thank you!! Owners: IC3CR3AM and Perce. Co-Owners: CrazyCat4545 Head-Admin: GhostKilla Remember: This is a new server, we don’t have many plug-ins but be sure to recommend them to the owners and co-owner!! The ip is: Hope to see you there!!

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