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Blizzard News #4! (SC2 Release Date, WoW Patch 5.1 Release, MoP 50% off, 8 Years of WoW)

Thumbs up if you enjoyed the Blizzard News! Quick Clicks: SC2 Release Date & Price: 0:10 Diablo 3 nothingness: 0:25 WoW’s 8 Year Anniversary 0:43 In-Game Mail mess-up: 1:18 50% off MoP! 1:50 Arena Exploitation Issue 2:10 Patch 5.1 release on the 27th! 2:56 Item Upgrades 3:18 New UI for CC 4:01 More Dailies and rep’s 4:23 Brawler’s Guild 4:55 Class changes in 5.1 5:45 Wintergrasp and TB! 7:15 RBG and Arena Changes 7:34 Interesting Twitter and forum posts starting at 8:10 Here are some links to some of the most important official information. Other smaller details and posts were found from Ghostcrawler’s twitter or the official WoW forums. SC2 Release Date us.battle.net WoW’s 8th year anniverary us.battle.net MoP 50% Sale us.battle.net Arena Exploitation us.battle.net Patch 5.1 Release wow.joystiq.com Moleman – Unconditional and Escalate found at: Feint – From Butterflies To Hurricanes found at: Permission to use (for all) was given. For more World of Warcraft videos, and Blizzard news, please visit my channel!

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Massive Gold Making using Auctioneer with Prospecting ! Also Q / A! – [Project Fresh Start] Ep. 05

Follow and watch me live: twitch.tv Thank you to last night’s donators: twitter.com twitch.tv Anyone who donates big or small will get a shout out in the next video: tinyurl.com Like me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com Check out itskalypso! youtube.com Real ID: Mabus#1103 – Add me for BG’s, Dungeons, Leveling, and Raids! ———————————————————————————————————————— This is Episode 05 of Project Fresh Start, where I begin on a new server in World of Warcraft, with a new character, with no main, heirlooms, gold, achievements, nothing, and show you guys my journey to 90 and beyond, starting with how to make gold in World of Warcraft when you are new to the game or new to the server / starting new characters, and then ultimately becoming the overpowered hunter class we are, let’s face it the world needs more hunters! In this episode I go over some questions you guys have, as well as teaching you guys how to begin making gold on a lowbie to begin your gold making skills using the addon Auctioneer and how to make gold on the auction house prospecting low level ore for gems!

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WOW Dota Girls


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Resto Druid Technique PvP – Epic Battles – MOP

Great heals come with great responsibility.

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Enhancement Shaman PvP/Duels Montage #2!

Hey guys, I did some duels on my shaman! Most of the people I duel in the vid are in the same gear category as me. But I hope you guys enjoy It was a lot of fun doing some of these duels. I finally made a new intro for my shaman, the music if from my past intro.. I like it, tell me what you think =] Leave a like and comment if you enjoyed, it really helps! Help my channel grow by subscribing! Songs: Not Tonight Josephine – The Stings They Pull Celldweller – Through the Gates

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