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World Of Warcraft – Pandaren Monk – Ep. 09 – Level 38-39 – RedstoneNightmare

Hello everyone! This is the series where we explore the beautiful World of Warcraft! I’m leveling up a pandaren monk to prepare for all the adventures this game brings to us! Hope you enjoy:) Music by Kevin McLeod: incompetech.com Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Support me with a little donation: TGN-Website

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Low Level PVP Ownage! Mists of Pandaria.

Hey Guys, Bringing you my first WoW video (Actually my First Youtube video :D) Hope you guys like it, This is the first of many Gaming, Unboxing and IRL videos to come. So please Support me. Also Visit Jobbed’s Channel Co-Producer of this film. ((((((((((–Subtl3ty–)))))))) Thanks have a good day! Oh and please let me know if there’s anything u guys would like to see.. Constructive criticism allowed :)

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World of Warcraft: MoP Level 59 Feral Druid PvP Mutli-Boxing!

I get pooped on in this game. All the other classes caught up! Or i suck… Like, comment, subscribe!:)

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Game Review: Mists of Pandaria

Brad (@buffwoto) takes a look at Mists of Pandaria from the World of Warcraft series of games. Have you played? Tell us what you thought! Or have you never played WoW? Comment or chat @buffwoto and @gbpostersdotcom

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