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WoW MoP – New Microphone! (Its my Birthday :D)

Just a quick update video + Testing out my new microphone.. sorry for the clicking noises that was me just doing moving on my keyboard haha :) Full video soon guys! Click “Like” And “Favourite” If You Like This Video :D And Don’t Forget To “Subscribe” if You Want More! Tell Us What You Think In The Comments Below. _______________________________________________________________ Atrexii’s Twitter ➜ twitter.com Atrexii’s Facebook ➜ Atrexii’s Youtube ➜ Atrexii’s Livestream ➜

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The Sunreavers Theme – Patch 5.1 Music

The Sunreavers of Dalaran will be an important part of the story in upcoming patch 5.1 of World Of Warcraft. The picture shows their leader, Aethas Sunreaver. Music by Russell Brower.

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BG’s with Bank Alt Gear + Community Shoutout!

Skip to 2:00 if you don’t want to listen to me ramble about Netflix. xD Song: Andreas Byrsting – Life • Crazy Links and Stuff My Armory – us.battle.net My Facebook – My LiveStream: twitch.tv Epic Music – Epic Art – • Snazzy Info and Stuff If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friends! Currently the only way I’m getting views is by the awesomeness of my wonderful viewers introducing their buddehs to my channel. I upload lots of WoW montages, commentaries, guides, and other random stuff. So yeah, subscribe! Leave a comment and a like in order to have your name featured at the end of my next video!

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Minecraft Server 1.4.2 Server Is Now DOWN

This is a factions pvp raiding and griefing server. IP: Hope you can join. 1. No Swearing 2. Be respectful to Staff! 3. No Hacks Owner(s): CGC_Confirmed JGMHD and MtB2102 Co-Owner(s): CoCo_2015 AmieHD Need anything? Visit LitSationHD.enjin.com For More Information Look Down! ———-All Rules——— 1 No Swearing 2 Be Repectful To Admins Staff And Owners! 3 Don’t be a jerk or you are put in the Untrusted Rank! 4 Griefing is allowed but don’t go overboard! Hope You Can Join! Not Interested? See This Channel! MCsBestServers Made By CGC_Confirmed! The Owner Of This Account. Thanks For Viewing Rate And Subscribe!

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Synergy’s “Focus Frame” and “Polymorph CC Break” PvP Tutorial 5.0.5 (WoW Video)

A PvP tutorial I made on how to use focus frames in PvP as well as how to use Shadow Word:Death to break polymorphs as a priest. Please like and favourite this channel if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! twitter.com Subscribe to OffbeatPictures for some amazing Arms Warrior PvP:

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