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Mists Of Pandaria PTR 5.1 Updates, Heart of Fear Guide, PVP Rating Changes Tirinei 90 Fire Mage

Check out the latest patch notes for the PTR, there are a lot of interesting changes this week. Also, Heart of Fear raid guide available. There are some need-to-know Diablo III updates as well. BTW.. I know about the weird color flickering towards the end.. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with my recording.. Hope no one get’s whiplash! Blizzard Comic Contest: Upload Here! us.blizzard.com Brawlers Guild Updates! WoW Public Test Realm Patch 5.1 Notes us.battle.net Battle.net World Championship STREAM Battle.net World Championship INFO us.battle.net Heart of Fear raid

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☆World of Warcraft – A new beginning – 10-15 – Play-through☆

Hey boohas Comment below what you would like to see! dont be shy i dont bite. in this episode you will see me hit level 15 :) music: Felxprod – Your dark side OMG n shockwave The Exorcist

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How to PvP Feral Druid World of Warcraft 5.1 Mists of Pandaria

Feral Druid how to on PvP in rated battlegrounds and arenas. Pretty much reinventing my look on Feral Druids and showing you my changes on abilities and talents! Take a listen, the video wasn’t edited very well, my computer is down and having to use my laptop for awhile, but it will be back up and running soon! Facebook – Twitter – /cast Nature’s Swiftness /cast Healing Touch /cast Nature’s Swiftness /cast Cyclone Free snare macro /cast Cat Form /cast Cat Form

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Rustaclut – MoP Warrior PvP – Bajheera Fury Warrior Tribute!

This video is a small Fury Warrior Tribute to one of MY idols Bajheera! If you enjoyed this please remember to comment, like and Subscribe! Warrior Guide Part 2 Coming soon covering Macro’s / Keybindings / Add-ons Im really enjoying making these videos for you guys and i hope your enjoying them to!

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WoW PvP – Tolo VS 9man Premade Group in Temple of Kotmogu

Thanks for watching and remember to LIKE and FAV this video if you enjoyed. I decided to sign up for a random battleground and this is what I got, at first I cheered because it was a Temple of Kotmogu, but what i soon realized, was that I was signed up against a horde premade group which was taking advantage of the “Premade AV Enabler” addons, which basicly allows more than 5 people to sign up for the same battleground. Needless to say, we ended up loosing this battleground, however I wasn’t giving up. I tried my best, and I actually ended up making a few killing blows. This video is to show, that I am not only uploading videos where I am on the winning side, but that I like to upload a variety of battleground matches that reflects the the reality. Thanks for watching and remember to LIKE and FAV this video if you enjoyed it. ~ FOLLOW ME & SUBSCRIBE: ▏ Facebook: ▏ Twitter: twitter.com ▏ YouTube: ▏ Livestream:

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