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MoP Guide – How to get The Relic Hunter Title / Is Another Man’s Treasure Achievement

Quality did not come out as I wanted it to but Oh well I will have to mess around with Sony Vegas 12 and I just upgraded from Sony Vegas pro 9 and also the Shaking of the map, health bar and enemy nameplates is probably caused from the slow-motion effect in Sony Vegas when it rendered or also my WoW settings as I’ve messed a bit with them lately to try various things…But I hope this was helpful for you guys out there who are hunting down these treasures for the awesomazing title. Good luck and Congratulations on your new title… -Vignox How to get: Lost and Found Achievement Finders Keepers Achievement One Man’s Trash… Achievement Is Another Man’s Treasure Achievement / The Relic Hunter title Here is a list with all the locations and treasures I have added a time to each individual item so you can access it quicker on the video Quick Access Menu 22:06 The Jade Forest 00:31 Wodin’s Mantid Shanker 00:39 Ancient Pandaren mining Pick 01:04 Hammer of Ten Thunders 01:37 Jade Warrior Statue 02:42 Ancient Jinyu Staff 03:16 Valley of the Four Winds 04:27 Staff of the Hidden Master 04:37 Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman 06:01 Ghostly Pandaren Craftsman 06:40 Cache of Pilfered Goods 07:16 Karasang Wilds 08:02 Pandaren Fishing Spear 08:16 Barrel of Banana Infused Rum 08:48 Equipment Locker 09:05 Towlong Steppes 09:30 Yaungol Fire Carrier 09:39 Kun’Lai Summit 10:36 Frozen Trail Packer 10:50 Hozen Warrior Spear 11:57 Sprite’s Cloth Chest 12:33 Stash of Yaungol Weapons 13:40 Tablet of …

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Off Topic: Barbara Palvin, Youngest Ever Victoria’s Secret Model

Check out the Off Topic Tumblr to see better pictures of Barbara along with our huge collection of the most beautiful women on planet Earth: Barbara Palvin is a teenage Victoria’s Secret model, the youngest ever. Her VS pictures caused a lot of controversy as many felt that a girl of 18 was too young to pose in lingerie. But that’s not all the trouble the young vixen got into…she was also reportedly the reason Selena Gomez dumped The Bieber. She claims they are just friends…I don’t know too many guys that could be just friends with this incredibly gorgeous young bombshell. One look at her and just about any red blooded straight male is in love. At least, that’s what we think. Joe and Tony discuss pop culture, current events, sports and politics daily. See more Off Topic here Some Off Topic headlines we’ll be talking about soon: The first Kate Upton photo From Mercedes’ Super Bowl Ad Shoot are appearing online now. We’ll be getting those pictures on our Tumblr soon! Interesting story to us: A woman fired for being too attractive: Judges back a dentist who sacked aide he described as a threat to his marriage… even though nothing had happened! An Iowa dentist acted legally in firing a long-time assistant because he, and his wife viewed the married mother as a threat to their marriage, the all-male Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday. The court ruled 7-0 bosses can sack employees they see as an ‘irresistible attraction,’ even if …

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WoW Raid Boss(es) 101 – Solo Trial of the Crusader !!

As a bow to the end of the year I’m bringing you the whole of the Trial of the Crusader. this is on 10 man normal but depending on your own personal skill levels you may want to ramp it up to HC difficulty !! Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface) and “Like” my Facebook page too !!

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Bajuthor #7 – Words of Glory, Acts of Valor – Retribution Paladin PvP

Warcraft Movies Link – Go show it some 5/5 and Nice Comment love to help it grow! :D Another EPIC installment of our battles alongside BAJUTHOR, the Dwarf Retribution Paladin :) Be warned that this story is not for the faint of heart, so steel yourselves, summon your courage, and charge into the greatest battle ever recorded with BAJUTHOR! :D I hope you guys enjoy the video and thanks so much for watching the videos and supporting the channel :) Really means a lot to me and it’s important for you guys to know that :D Intro Music – “Pandora: Architect of Hope” by The Autumn Descent Video Music Provided by MachinimaSound machinimasound.com

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★ Minecraft – 1.4.6 Hacked Client – Rubix – Superman

=-=-=-=-=-Video Info and DOWNLOAD-=-=-=-=-= ★ Minecraft – 1.4.6 Hacked Client – Rubix – Superman â-¼ More Info/Download Link: ➜ supermanmods.freeforums.org â-¼ Tutorial – How-to Install Hacked Clients: ➜ â-¥ Hacked Client Library: ➜ supermanmods.freeforums.org ☠ Client by: osum54 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps me make more! Tell me what you think in the comments below. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ╔═══╖───────────────────╔═╖╔═╖────╔╖─╔╖──╔╦╖─╔╖ ╒╔═╖╒───────────────────╒╒╚╝╒╒────╒╒─╒╚╖╔╝╒╒─╒╒ ╒╚══╦╖╔╦══╦══╦═╦╖╔╦══╦═╖╒╔╖╔╖╠══╦═╝╠═╩╖╒╒╔╣╚═╝╒ ╚══╖╒╒╒╒╔╖╒╒═╣╔╣╚╝╒╔╖╒╔╖╣╒╒╒╒╒╔╖╒╔╖╒══╣╚╝╒╚══╖╒ ╒╚═╝╒╚╝╒╚╝╒╒═╣╒╒╒╒╒╔╖╒╒╒╒╒╒╒╒╒╚╝╒╚╝╠══╠╖╔╝───╒╒ ╚═══╩══╣╔═╩══╩╝╚╩╩╩╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝╚╩══╩══╩══╝╚╝────╚╝ ───────╒╒ ───────╚╝

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