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Elemental Shaman vs Warrior – Mists of Pandaria – OctohoofTV

Some duels and information about MoP warriors! Next video will be against a rogue probably Like + subscribe for more , feel free to leave comments and questions i answer all of them 😀 Music by Enigma Dubz and Neutralize Check them out!

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WoW: 5.0.4 Elemental Shaman Guide

Here you’ll find the Elemental Shaman patch 5.0.4 guide for World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria. Patch 5.0.4 is the pre-expansion patch of Mists of Pandaria. It brought a new talent system, new abilities, changed abilities and new glyphs. Stat priority: Intellect – Hit rating till 15% (Spirit or Hit) – Haste = Mastery – Crit ================ Thanks for watching!

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Boomkin PvP 2 – 5.0.4 Battleground Gameplay

I thought I’d just let you all in on Boomkin PvP in some better quality c: no fps drops this time around. Boomkin is by far the most fun I’ve had PvPing in a long time, combined with glyphs such as [Glyph of the Moonbeast] makes Boomkins so, so much harder to kill. Combine it with [Glyph of Stampeding roar] and you have mobility, control and self heals all without leaving your moonkin form (I’m using [Glyph of Stars] as I feel it doesn’t make me get focused for being the big obvious boomkin :p ) In my opinion… Boomkins are very over powered… Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to comment, rate and subscribe if you enjoyed this and want to see more in the future! If you really want to help me out click share 😀 Music Supplied by LDUKmusic: If you like his music, show him some support. Royalty free music for your YouTube Videos. Songs Used: Intro Sample – Gone Song #1 – Secrets of the Forest

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WoW: 5.0.4 Frost Mage Guide

Here, you’ll find the World of WarCraft Class guide for Frost Mages in patch 5.0.4. Patch 5.0.4 brought new stuff for every class, including mages. Currently, Frost mages are more compatible and do fair damage in PvE scenarios, thanks to the new talent tree and spell changes. Stat priority: Intellect – 15% Spell Hit (cap) – 25% Crit = Haste – Mastery If you want to reforge your gear, do not reforge haste or crit to oneanother. Keep them as they are. Only reforge mastery or too much hit rating from your gear. ================ Thanks for watching!

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WoW MoP: Rare Elites and Funky Treats – Bonus Extras

A sneaky couple of extras for you here. First is another bit of lore finding and the other a cheeky achievement for cleaning up 😉 Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface)

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