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Diablo 3 Vlogs – WD v1.0.4 Perspective and Discussion

Discussion on the current patch from a WD perspective.

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Swifty Battlegrounds – ep15 Boomy Fun & Bajheera challenge (gameplay/commentary)

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★SWTOR – “Snowblind” World Boss Fight- 2

This is a group of some people that were putting together a raid to take down the world boss on Hoth. His name is Snowblind. He has twp phases throughout the entire fight he switches in between, main phase which is tank and spank and the other where he disappears and the whole raid takes dmg from a snow storm. hope you guys enjoy the vid 😀 Our server is: The Bastion Guild: Wookie Fur Trading Company

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World of Warcraft Playerbase Graph

The true World of Warcraft playerbase graph.

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