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LP: Batman Arkham City Ep1.

Lets Play of Batman Arkham City with Vostik on Hard Difficulty. Be sure to check out the links below:

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Diablo 3 Vlogs – WD v1.0.4 Perspective and Discussion

Discussion on the current patch from a WD perspective.

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★SWTOR – “Snowblind” World Boss Fight- 2

This is a group of some people that were putting together a raid to take down the world boss on Hoth. His name is Snowblind. He has twp phases throughout the entire fight he switches in between, main phase which is tank and spank and the other where he disappears and the whole raid takes dmg from a snow storm. hope you guys enjoy the vid 😀 Our server is: The Bastion Guild: Wookie Fur Trading Company

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FML► 5.0.4 Frost Mage BG w/ Insane Burst Combo + Becoming a Network!

Back from America showing off a crazy frost mage combo that almost 1 hits people. Also NonEliteGaming is becoming a network and will now how have multiple content makers, but nothing big, it will just be a couple of mates sharing a channel to show a wide range of content :) →Want to help me and my channel grow! Press the LIKE button, and if you havent yet please SUBSCRIBE Thanks :) ← →Music used: Infected Euphoria←

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World of Warcraft Playerbase Graph

The true World of Warcraft playerbase graph.

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