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World of Warcraft: Enhancement Shaman Talents 5.0.4

Hey guys another video on how to talent a Enhance shaman with patch 5.0.4!

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world of warcraft unholy deathknight pvp 5.0.4 (OWNAGE)

Yes, I rerolled to unholy to pvp because it’s back baby, I’m making a guide to it to. Stay chuned and make sure you sub!

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WoW – Make 3000g per hour on Average in patch 5.0.4

Hey guys another great WOW Video – Updated version of the last video I posted, showing you how awesome mass looting is. It’s a lot safer now to pull a few groups at a time. You will rarely have any down time (depending on your class) If you’re a priest, you’ll make 100g per hour. I have other gold farming areas and tips I want to share with you lovely people, and will continue to update and post more spots I find when Mists of Pandaria is released. Expect some PvP videos along the way. Because I’m a badass MF. Song is from the Going Quantum podcast @ youtube Link : I do not claim to own this content.

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WoW 5.0.4 Shadow Priest DPS Guide

A Short Guide to 5.0.4 Shadow Priest DPS First Video To Cap 200 Views, Thanks Guys!

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WoW 5.0.4 Combat Rogue Guide (Talents/Glyphs/Mindset)

I go over the basics of how you want to play your Rogue now that 5.0.4 has changed everything. I’m probably going to make a follow up video answering the questions you leave in the comments below, so make sure to leave one to have a chance to have your question featured in my next tutorial! If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friends! Currently the only way I’m getting views is by the awesomeness of my wonderful viewers introducing their buddehs to my channel. I upload lots of WoW montages, commentaries, guides, and other random stuff. So yeah, subscribe! My armory:

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