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Mists Of Pandaria Strategy Guide

BradyGames Limited Edition Mists of Pandaria strategy guide features all the content of our Signature Series guide with compelling special features unique to the Limited Edition. Showcases a deluxe Hard Cover featuring an exclusive design, perfect for fans and collectors. Includes a pair of custom made Mists of Pandaria chopsticks, exclusive to this guide. Features an in-depth art section, showcasing the new continent and new race and also includes an excerpt of the upcoming novel, World of Warcraft: Tides of War. Learn the strengths of every class and race. Maps for every region of Pandaria keep players from getting lost while exploring the new continent. Coverage of the updates for every facet of the game: guilds, achievements, PVP and much more! This guide provides sufficient enough info to get you started for the first few weeks of playing. Order Now to Save up to 35%

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World of Warcraft: Enhancement Shaman Talents 5.0.4

Hey guys another video on how to talent a Enhance shaman with patch 5.0.4!

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Arms Warrior Dps Guide 5.0.4 Basic Rotation and Explanation

Hello guys my name is Drelix i play on kazzak eu, i play a warrior in the guild inviction which has down 8/8 hc at 15% nerf, Mop just hit and i am here to teach you the basics of Mop, let’s get startet. first of all here is a list of what i will be going through Stats – Rotation – talents – glyphs – execute – normal – cooldown – addons Stats Strength Hit/expertise – 7.5% Crit Mastery/Haste The list of stats is also the priority Rotation MS – CS – Op – S – DR – IV Off GCD’s Heroic leap prefered on CS, HS Should be used on CS with stacks of taste for blood (3 or more) if you havent got any you can use HS as a rage dump. Talents Your Choice Glyphs Your Choice Execute phase Swap Execute with slam or use it when you have acces rage use as much as possible Stack some rage up and use it on CS Rotation phase Follow the priority list at the rotation section, remember to keep enrage up on CS debuffs Cooldown Recklessness – use as many times as possible or at execute phase Deadly calm – use on cooldown DR – Use to fill slots between CS or Free Globals Shatter – 20% less armor for the target use as a raid CD for burst Addons Elvui Tellmewhen Skada Omen Ms – Mortal strike Op – overpower CS – colossus smash S – Slam DR – Dragon’s roar IV – impending victory HS – heroic strike GCD – Global cooldown

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WoW: 5.0.4 Elemental Shaman Guide

Here you’ll find the Elemental Shaman patch 5.0.4 guide for World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria. Patch 5.0.4 is the pre-expansion patch of Mists of Pandaria. It brought a new talent system, new abilities, changed abilities and new glyphs. Stat priority: Intellect – Hit rating till 15% (Spirit or Hit) – Haste = Mastery – Crit ================ Thanks for watching!

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world of warcraft unholy deathknight pvp 5.0.4 (OWNAGE)

Yes, I rerolled to unholy to pvp because it’s back baby, I’m making a guide to it to. Stay chuned and make sure you sub!

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