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LP: Batman Arkham City Ep1.

Lets Play of Batman Arkham City with Vostik on Hard Difficulty. Be sure to check out the links below:

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Kiting Jaina to Orgrimmar

Hey everyone ! so with the new patch we decided to kite Jaina all way from dustwallow marsh to Orgimmar, Now that she is 90 lev elite.

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WoW MOP: Shattrath City

50 Likes 40 Comments :} Any Idea or Clue On what is happening in Shattrath City? Leave a comment below A Couple of weeks ago, Shattrath City appeared like this On the beta server but recently, it has been changed but still appears like this on the Public Test Realm. (Last Time I Checked)…

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WoW 5.0.4 Shadow Priest DPS Guide

A Short Guide to 5.0.4 Shadow Priest DPS First Video To Cap 200 Views, Thanks Guys!

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Power Auras 5.0 Tutorial

Setting up a Power Aura for a Frost DK. In this brief video I walk through setting up an aura for Frost Strike as well as an additional aura to add onto that aura to notify you when you’ve reached the Runic Power limit that you should use Frost Strike at. Follow my stream at

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