★ Mists of Pandaria – 5.0.4 MOP – Unholy DK talent build – Ft TemethTV – WAY

y DK build less tests show otherwise in MOP. See the full show! ➜ coming soon my questions to you Use the Shoutbox, Luke! ➜ tgn.tv Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us makemore! Tell us what you think in the comments below. =-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Hi guys temeth TV here on my first video for TGN WoW just running through an arena showing you how I have done it if you want more either go check out my channel or like and favourite this video Temeth tv’s Personal Channel music by: Klaypex: If you like this video, click “Like” and Subscribe to our channel to get more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. =-=-=-= â-¶ Follow me on Twitter! See twitter.com â-¶ Join me on Facebook! See =-=-=-= â-¶ TGN — Get more views! See tgn.tv â-¶ TGN Times — Get more news! See http â-¶ TGN Stratics — Discover Stratics! See stratics.com â-¶ Follow us on Twitter! See http â-¶ Join us on Facebook! See facebook.tgn.tv

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20 Responses to “★ Mists of Pandaria – 5.0.4 MOP – Unholy DK talent build – Ft TemethTV – WAY”

  1. TheRandom1337Dude says:

    Nope.. gimme a clue then :)

  2. xXMrGamePlayerXx says:

    or im proving a point of how ridiculous you are for playing such an additive….old ass game….

  3. TheRandom1337Dude says:

    hehe its cool brah :)

  4. xXMrGamePlayerXx says:

    No that’s just sad.

  5. SwedishCoff says:


  6. MiZTiiX says:

    oh shit NVM wrong guy

  7. TheRandom1337Dude says:

    meet again? not sure if you are talking to the right guy but nice to meet you :)

  8. TheRandom1337Dude says:

    Noooo my top comment was removed!!! 😐

  9. VirtualGStorm says:

    Until you can back up all of your claims, then I have reason to not believe this. Besides threats and violence won’t prove anything except the fact that you’re just a bully.

  10. VirtualGStorm says:

    You are HILARIOUS. So you playing Battlefield makes you better than us who play WoW? News, kid, they’re both video games so don’t try making yourself a pick of the litter and self proclaimed MANLY MAN. Separate genres don’t justify who the stereotypical nerd is and isn’t. Alot of people who claim to play CoD or Battlefield and say they aren’t GAMERS, are full of crap. There will be people who prey on them to be nerds as well. So look in the mirror and repeat your statement, little boy.

  11. RathanaelTheDK says:

    I’ve seen this spec in Reinheart’s videos weeks ago… but it is the best.

  12. MiZTiiX says:

    we meet again

  13. culso96 says:

    Lichborne? in arena, amz is going to help more, the healer wont be as stressed in healing whole party, so as with lichborne, but you can only spend your runic power to 0, and amz has a duration.

  14. xXMrGamePlayerXx says:

    i do have a reason to talk like a big man…..i am NOT like those fat retards pretending to be tough over the net….and good for you kid

  15. BurnsEU says:

    Really disagree with this as a PvP spec..

  16. MiZTiiX says:

    does my name ring any bells?

  17. xXMrGamePlayerXx says:

    little boy? id like to see YOU in real life because you sound like a little bitch to me

  18. VirtualGStorm says:

    Big talk coming from behind the monitor. Whether or not you’d back up your little threat, you don’t scare me. I’ve stood up to people bigger than me. Whether I”ve been in a fight or not and whether or not I’d be the only guy standing, I don’t care. I’m not stooping to your level to start a fight but I will sure as hell stand up for myself. Good day, kid.

  19. VirtualGStorm says:

    Because I still enjoy it. And here I am not saying a thing about Battlefield or CoD. Of course I favor Battlefield especially the third one now as it has more to it as opposed to CoD. See? I like those kinds of games too albeit I suck at FPS lol. ANYWAY I’m tired of fighting over the internet of all places so I’m dropping the whole bullying conversation. Didn’t expect a skinny nerd like me to like Battlefield of FPS games for that matter did ya?

  20. SoulAss4ssin says:

    @ :28 blood tap? hahahaha i cant watch this. sorry i love TGN, but no, not this video

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