5.1 MoP Enhancement Shaman PvP Rotation Guide

0:06 – Rotation 4:44 – Burst 11:13 – Fun BG Clip Hey guys, nDn here. I got some requests about my dps rotation so here it is. Basic attack priority: (for max. dps) 1) Flame Shock 2) Stormstrike 3) Lava Lash 4) Unleash Elements 5) Earth Shock 6) Searing Totem (this can be placed at the top of the rotation if you have time before you come into contact and you should b/c it will result in maximum damage plus amazing dispel protection) 7) Rinse and Repeat (I did not skip lightning bolt, I explain it in the video, it can be used and sometimes will get you kills!) For burst, just remember: Use stormstrike and unleash elements/mastery buff from ele. blast depending on your spec before you pop ascendance. Hope it Helps. Enjoy Subscribe if you want to see more and you enjoyed 😀

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