(720 p) 5.1 BM hunter ToK mozart symphony 40(1080 p)

mozart 😀

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5 Responses to “(720 p) 5.1 BM hunter ToK mozart symphony 40(1080 p)”

  1. Gabriel Zanetti says:

    Thanks for help.

  2. Gabriel Zanetti says:

    0:14 scatter shot on the enemy icon, for exemple, what this addon?

  3. battlemasterpvp says:

    :) any time

  4. battlemasterpvp says:

    Hi Gabriel thanks for commenting :) I use lose control and omniCC they help me keep track of cool downs and important debuffs, if you liked my video please subscribe! I try to post as many videos as I can :)

  5. battlemasterpvp says:

    i believe that its “lose control”

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