85 Destruction Warlock 5.0.5 PvP Burst – Archdemon

This Video shows The unhealable burst of damage a warlock can do in a few seconds while the opponent is in CC or a stun. I was impressed by our new Chaos Bolt and wanted to put together a video of how much dmg it can do when done with another instant spell for example conflagrat or incinerate both hitting at the same time. THIS VIDEO WAS NOT INTENDED TO SHOW SKILL, BUT ONLY TO SHOW DAMAGE TAGS: Destruction warlock patch 5.0 5.0.5 5.0.4 arena Pvp subtility rogue Archdemon hellguard warrior arena 2s 2v2 battle ground bg affliction demonology soulswap dot fear patch Warrior mage priest druid paladin deathknight world of warcraft arathi basin ab warsong eye the storm for gilneas destruction demonology soulswap dot fear capture defend farm stables gold mine mines black smith lumber mill World Of Warcraft (Video Game)

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3 Responses to “85 Destruction Warlock 5.0.5 PvP Burst – Archdemon”

  1. Ozzy Tucker says:

    Fuckin Sick!!!!

  2. xxxkaixxx says:

    finally chaos bolt is doing the damage it should be doing hope they don’t nerf it

  3. EaGiaGuy says:

    Yal-cheap ;p

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