90 Arms Warrior PvP #1 ☺

A PvP video with some good music, and good clips, I hope you guys enjoy this. I got all of these in a span of 3 days. Subscribe and Like this guys! Thanks! ☺ Songs: Tristam-I remember Varien-Throne of Ravens Ephixa-Ideekay Deadmau5-Strobe (Mr Fijiwiji Remix) The Speech in the song Deadmau5-Strobe (Mr Fijiwiji Remix) with Charles Chaplin is his speech and not mine, I do not claim the rights to it. It is a part of the song. I do not claim that any of these songs are mine, they are the artist and the artist songs only. However you can go out and purchase these songs! Go support the artist guys!

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5 Responses to “90 Arms Warrior PvP #1 ☺”

  1. Primsnipered says:

    We need to do some rbg’s or somethin together, you me dan and whoever else

  2. Joey Prestia says:


  3. Joey Prestia says:

    Thanks man!

  4. DreamsideWoW says:

    Shifty sucks

  5. Joey Prestia says:

    Sure, sounds good. I’m bringing Shiftycënt with though.

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