Arms Warrior PvP – The Battle for Gilneas|21-1

Audaciòus – Tichondrius This is alright footage it’s been awhile since i did any kind of PvP on my warrior, this is my first season since BC so please bare with me. If you guys have any advice-tips anything please let me know. Yeah music isn’t the best. I thought i had my mic on so i was talking the whole time and realize that i am a moron. haha =D Ill have some more footage tomorrow or the next. Gonna be fun!

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3 Responses to “Arms Warrior PvP – The Battle for Gilneas|21-1”

  1. Laner Grob says:

    Need a guest appearance from Smokeygrob!! lol. 

  2. AudaciousWOW says:

    Wow sorry bout the music i don’t know why it went on repeat like that next video will be better. lol.

  3. jwheaties50 says:

    That’s what daddy likes!

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