Bajheera – 3v3 Arena as Kitty Cleave!:D – ft. Noxy and Buttsoap!:D

Doing some 3’s on the stream for cap and funzies!:D Wins, losses, and lots of fun :) Hope you enjoy!:D — Recorded live on –

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25 Responses to “Bajheera – 3v3 Arena as Kitty Cleave!:D – ft. Noxy and Buttsoap!:D”

  1. Skwems says:

    She plays it too so…

  2. fenderftw70 says:

    they should make it to where heroic leap can crush a hunter trap. that would be beast

  3. gereno70 says:

    I dont think that you have ever written a sentence without a smiley face… Like ever

  4. Warcraftjen says:

    I think what some of the commenters need to realize is that when these are livestreams, we are going to interact with the chat people too. :) Not meaning to be annoying by any means, but we love keeping the viewers involved. :)

  5. shkotay says:

    Yah I heard later when she said she had 5 85s lol. The misery I went through with GFs and wow is part of why I just dont play it these days. Probably go back and see what the xpac looks like though. Seeing Bajh PVP makes me miss it though lol! I might even go check it out later this weekend, and then I’ll remember why I got sick of it again XD

  6. TexasGolfDude says:

    1:02:55!!! They kissed!!! MWUAHAHAHA!

  7. MrDementor89 says:

    wats the addon that shows the flashing icon on the top of your nameplate

  8. avataraaronc says:

    *in a tree

  9. iSNiPeFx says:

    <— The hunter Raw at 12:00 😉 good game man

  10. thewowgamer100 says:

    What a great video to watch when taking a crap on the can. :)

  11. ToXIcMaTS says:

    Hey Bajheera! Can you make a playlist of the songs and bands you like to listen to when you are pvp’ing and stuff?
    I would really love that 😀

  12. TheReko2 says:

    cry more…

  13. sSanctum says:

    Jenny and Jackson sitting in a tree F-U-C-K-I-N-G >:D

  14. Slipknot6fa6n6 says:

    whats the name of the addon that puts ur Rends and hamstrings and such with the timer over there nameplates?

  15. itzYuPPerdOOdLEr says:

    they r kissing and then the second they’re done just like snap!back to wow

  16. 14twista says:

    @Slipknot6fa6n6 tidyplates is the addon

  17. Kazumax16 says:

    “…Uhh, yeah mages are dumb.”

  18. shsm08 says:

    he man, do you have a vid about your macro’s and rotations? love your videos, warrior for life :)

  19. sabbalo says:

    chocolate milk, hot girl and wow pwnage… doesnt get much better than that

  20. VideoWatcher225 says:

    Bajh drinks a whole lotta water……. like dam.

  21. lan21312 says:

    Tidy Plates
    The theme is Grey

  22. lan21312 says:

    Go to his channel, then click “Videos”, then “Playlists”. It’s called “Bajheera’s Music Playlist” I believe.

  23. ShatterNScatter says:

    I would have to agree

  24. gibsonq96 says:

    really nice
    love that long videos!!!!

    see you

    really nice

  25. SIMEN480 says:

    girl trying to flirt some with bajheera, he’s like…I. AM. PLAYING.

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