Bajheera Irwin finding out a rare species in arenas with Hotted (Gameplay/Skype Commentary)

Australian explorer Bajheera Irwin here to commentate arenas with his camera crew (Hotted) Enjoy xD Bajheera’s Channel: Follow Hotted: Check out my Sponsors: Check out my video at the Razer Academy: Music provided by MonsterCatMedia: Outro Song: Feint – Snake eyes

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5 Responses to “Bajheera Irwin finding out a rare species in arenas with Hotted (Gameplay/Skype Commentary)”

  1. Hotted89 says:

    Steve Irwin was awesome. I always watched his series :/ RIP Steve Irwin

  2. klwozy says:

    swifty crit over 9 million need to watch this /ZTJ9KFFOtXY or /c9uiCVv4bFY

  3. FireOnRuby says:

    My favorite person in the world was Steve Irwin, but he died on my birthday in 2006… Sadly… I had a Human Hunter called SteveÍrwin with a Crocodile as a pet back when i still played…

  4. Mellivawow says:

    1:20 yey game balance

  5. Femalecops1 says:

    thumbs’d cause of aussie accent! straya cunts!

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