Chivalry Medieval Warfare – Warbow Gameplay

Me using the warbow. Yes, I know I am bad, don’t play it that often, but it is a blast so I suggest getting it.

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5 Responses to “Chivalry Medieval Warfare – Warbow Gameplay”

  1. ContentiousRage says:

    Look at that HD…

  2. DumpsterDolphin says:

    i want to play this game so badly xD

  3. ContentiousRage says:

    I’m with you there. I end up spending most of my time aiming and then missing, but when I get a hit I flip shit.

  4. DumpsterDolphin says:

    ranged classes are boring 😛 i like to be in the fight

  5. ContentiousRage says:

    Get it, it’s tons of fun. I would only suggest going with a melee class, being an archer makes me depressed.

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