Dark Souls Arena PVP: Team Battles Arranged Match 2v2 Part 2

me AGS x Wolfsbane vs Red mage heaven and agilekiller69 in some good matches very good close fight. Funny commentary, stay tuned for the next parts, leave opinon part 3 will be up tommorow

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4 Responses to “Dark Souls Arena PVP: Team Battles Arranged Match 2v2 Part 2”

  1. nolightbulb1 says:

    I’m glad that me and redmage made you have some fun and btw that was my first pvping with that build so I wasn’t very good with it yet.

  2. Necro1391 says:

    This isn’t going to be my upload channel and I have a sub lol

  3. Necro1391 says:

    I think this will be my upload channel when I get a capture card

  4. fluidityninja says:

    I havent had one team battle since playing this game for some reason it just never get me anyone

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