Eatmopie’s 2000 Subscriber Monk PVP And a Big Thank You to YOU!!

Please hit that Thumbs up and Subscribe button, if you enjoyed the Vid!! Ok I know we are still a bit shy of the 2k subscriber mark, but damn it I’m excited to even be close,so I’m releasing this a bit early: [Disclaimer: This video contains under geared players,Horde bots,a lot of running for my life,Great music,and kill stealing…. It is meant to entertain… Are you Not entertained???] For real real Everyone that watches and supports me and my monk channel, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me reach this milestone! Be on the look out for higher quality,more frequent,and vocal,videos in the very near future… Because Eatmo is upgrading his rig after the holidays! 😀 Check out my FB and Say hello: The new improved TGN: Music Provided, in order of appearance By: BlackMill : The Drift Download Blackmill’s Music: ——————————— Adventure Club – Do I See Color ——————————— AnDub – My World Download:

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5 Responses to “Eatmopie’s 2000 Subscriber Monk PVP And a Big Thank You to YOU!!”

  1. evilakurei says:

    Its all good yeah they were pretty fun, we’ll have to get some more in soon 😀

  2. TheGroggyraccoon says:


  3. evilakurei says:

    Thanks all!! Bigger better things are on the horizon stay tuned. :D

  4. MrEjsued says:

    gratz pie you deserve it!!

  5. michaelblaze says:

    Those games were fun Pie. Sorry about stealing your kill at the end…..lolz. -Zentuko

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