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Hey Guys 😀 So, these are some Duels I recorded for “Zevinox 1” but after a couple of times of watching them, I figured out that they aren’t good enough for my first big release 😉 I’m saving the epic ones for Zevinox 1 because this montage should blow your mind :) Just uploading this so you don’t get too bored :DD Please don’t be to strict with me…I know sometimes the FPS drop down to about 15 because I’m having problems with Fraps atm 😉 Music: Tut Tut Child – Maelstrom Greatest Battle Music of all Time (I don’t own any of these songs, no copyright infringement intended) Well, thanks for watching 😀 – Zevin 😉

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2 Responses to “Fire Mage PvP | Some Duels | !Read Description! |”

  1. ticopa2 says:

    your awesome! im so glad i found you! howd u get that transmog gear?

  2. BattleForcePvP says:

    Thanks 😉 You can buy it in Dalaran ( in the “Threads of Fate” shop, I think) , all in all it costs like 2k Justice Points 😉

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