Guild Wars 2: Live PvP – Kerplunks, Bloops, and Rampages

More live PvP, yaaayyy!!! I am fighting on Battle of Kyhlo with my Elementalist’s Scepter/Dagger build. I get a rampage, I own people, I get owned, I take bases, I lose bases, etc. You know, normal PvP stuff!!! Glad you guys enjoy the live PvP, it is really easy to do and the feedback I got was pretty positive! Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “Guild Wars 2: Live PvP – Kerplunks, Bloops, and Rampages”

  1. MoochMadness says:

    I would, but I don’t think I have the internet to support it

  2. MoochMadness says:

    US Blackgate

  3. 7352100 says:


  4. Simon Van den Hende says:

    In the whole game u used your elite just once 😛 it gives alot dps, u should pop it more! Great vid

  5. MoochMadness says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah buddy!!!!

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