Holychris’ Introduction

Still pretty noob at making videos and editing but hey, I gotta start somewhere right? If you guys have any tips on recording for me and how to make it less laggy, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. If you guys enjoyed the video and want to see the full montage, press that subscribe button! My Armory Link: us.battle.net See you guys soon! 😉

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5 Responses to “Holychris’ Introduction”

  1. Holychris638 says:

    I’d call 2100 pretty decent.. 2200+ is where it’s at :) As for your question, rets are not useless at all.. They actually have a ton of survivability… Just make sure to heal and use freedom on others, don’t be greedy. Rets are pretty much nothing outside of wings but if you know how to play them right, they are extremely fun to play. Thanks for watching and share this video with ur friends! :)

  2. 789v4 says:

    @Plastfrukt no worries man, and my amory is in the description :)

  3. TheUltimateRarity says:

    Good job with the frist video man!
    Keep up the good work and u will succed 😀
    Best wishes to you and your youtube channel, TheUltimateRarity!

  4. Holychris638 says:

    Sup man. So as of right now at 90, ret pallies are okay. They’re not overpowered (like hunters and warriors), yet they’re not that bad. It’s mostly all about how you play a ret pally which defines if they are good or not. If you want in the near future (and if I get enough subscribers), I’ll probably post up a guide on basically how to gem, reforge, stat priorities, and basic rotation… pretty much everything covering the ret area. Keep in mind that I’m still not extremely good yet..

  5. Plastfrukt says:

    I would love one of those videos and perhaps an armory link? :) Thanks for the fast reply!

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