HulkSmash Diablo 3 barbarian Fastest XP per hr Hammer time! This is the fastest leveling build for paragon farming mp1 with full WOTB uptime unlike tornado WW build, you will not drop your WOTB in low MP, this is even faster then throw barb. my gear is not ideal for this build but it still gets the job done. sorry i did not calculate XP per min cause im already paragon 100. I can simple tell from testing MANY builds that this will yield the MOST XP PER MIN for a barb since you do not drop WOTB as long as there are mobs. This is a good build for low MP level like 1-3 or uber bosses, but id change the leap for boss fights. higher MP like 7-10 the WW build is still the best.

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4 Responses to “HulkSmash Diablo 3 barbarian Fastest XP per hr Hammer time!”

  1. elemeveintiuno says:

    Tunes drag racing v1.5.2

  2. MrSecaRS says:

    Really we need those tunes !! :b

  3. dramerck says:

    Drag racing v.1.5.2 please :l

  4. DarkSchneider1337 says:

    hhahahah that my name Barb name on EU ^^

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