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5 Responses to “JUST A MATCH OF WARRIORS BEING WARRIORS by Hotted (Commentary/Gameplay)”

  1. CenturyofSolitude says:

    *Cough* he died in a stun without a trinket you moron *Cough*

  2. Thomassando says:

    Lol somebody should try quintuple hunters in 5s :p

  3. Mack Baxter says:

    I like that you show vids that went wrong as well as the wins …thx as always Hotted

  4. Hotted89 says:

    If people would like to, I can show some losses and explain what went wrong

  5. galuxhax says:

    @ValfaderTV Your comment is invalid. If you didnt know no1 played warrior last season so the rly good warriors didnt get to china. Btw there was warrior in the finals.

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