Livestreaming for Fans as a Thank you on Tuesday 2:00PM EST! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Thank you for all the support guys. And I would like to thank you back by making livestream! Join Next Level PvP with me: Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Facebook: Русский Канал: Music By Dansoneats: Return

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5 Responses to “Livestreaming for Fans as a Thank you on Tuesday 2:00PM EST! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!”

  1. Vilvix says:

    No thankyou Vladimir for make videos! Have a happy holiday period! Are u going to be streaming on ur channel or twitch?

  2. kunskap2009 says:

    I dont see anything wrong i only see Awsomeness here and i love it keep em comming you deserv every singel subscriber ever to lay there mouse on your video. Hope to see your stream if It works for me 😀

  3. SurfingJakeOwns says:

    nothing better then watching rienhart the badass, more then happy to call myself one of your subscribers.
    your an awsome dk and awsome vid maker

  4. Gamemasters2012 says:

    😀 You are one of my favorite youtubers! :) Funny videos and help ful videos…
    Reinhart keep making videos for ever! 😉

  5. theo tatar says:

    REINHART i really enjoy watching your videos i am half european, my dad is from romania specifically rona de sus i believe by the town of sighet have you ever been there before its really awesome i went there for a month. are you living in europe now. i would really like a response. :)

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