Minecraft Faction Raid! Raiding axemen

Hey guys this base was about 4 blocks away from a warp so we thought it would be an easy raid. It took like an hour to get in that damn base! haha we eventually enderpearled into it and got in the chests! Join me! ip1.killertag.com

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5 Responses to “Minecraft Faction Raid! Raiding axemen”

  1. auben2k says:

    ip1 killertag com put a (dot) in the spaces

  2. auben2k says:

    i own it

  3. ZinosSwag says:

    Sorry the server is being reset. we are building the map ATM It should be up sometime this weekend!

  4. dylankydd says:

    can i get white listed
    ign: aparks999

  5. DistortedDzn says:

    Epic Cow!!! Can I please get white listed on here or can you please tell me the server ip. I played on another server with Epic Cow but it sadly was closed due to server costs. Please add me on skype. I am a very good and creative builder and can help build the new map.

    IGN: Bubba1811
    Skype: bryden.haines

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