MoP PVP Resto Shaman Guide, Episode 1 Remake

Hey everybody, sorry for the previous video this is a remake of the current set up i am using, i apologize if anybody disliked the stats i was using befor

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4 Responses to “MoP PVP Resto Shaman Guide, Episode 1 Remake”

  1. cylorgaming says:

    there is a couple ways, first run far behind your group so if they want to chase u down they have to range their healz or put their healz in range of your dps. second either use earthgrab or windwalk to escape them. also dont forget u can unleash your earth enchant with unleashed fury to reduce the dmg u take so u can rely more on your hots and dmg midigation rather then having to cast., also try casting lava burst and make them lock out ur flame school so u can cast your healz and leme know. 😉

  2. yaybeer187 says:

    Hi Cylor, I just subscribed. You’ve inspired me to level my Shaman from 85! I was PvP Resto and I miss it. The Shaman has changed so much since Cata. What realm do you play on? Looking forward for more videos and keep up the GREAT work!

  3. cylorgaming says:

    Hiya yaybeer187 ;), im on darkspear and just recently joined dara mac. thanks for the comment and ill do my best =D

  4. twistedcreations111 says:

    I always have problems with getting mobbed by melee is there any way to combat their pressure because I always feel like there’s no time to cast anything because it will just get interrupted

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