Multiboxing 1 monk 4 warriors Arathi Basin Team tobi

This video is me doing my second run with this team in Arathi Basin. I hope you enjoy the commentary of the video if you like it subscribe and if you have any questions just leave a comments!

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5 Responses to “Multiboxing 1 monk 4 warriors Arathi Basin Team tobi”

  1. TheAmericanVoter says:

    James is sexy!- TorpedoKO / Monstashred / darthvader

  2. Wingsaber4 says:

    Opallena/ Nazjatar/ Alliance

  3. Jay G says:


  4. SimpleSimulacrum says:


  5. Muigon says:

    On Dec 15th an Azure Whelpling companion will be given away. All you have to do is leave your characters name, what server your from and if your Horde or Alliance in the comments. Free gift from Insane Pain Game Guild on Blackrock. follow us on twitter @InsanePainGame

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