Patch 5.1 Brawlers Guild – Part 1 – Retard check fights

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5 Responses to “Patch 5.1 Brawlers Guild – Part 1 – Retard check fights”

  1. MrColds816 says:


  2. VixenToby says:


  3. joker35447 says:

    Oh Panda, I like the thumbnail for this video. Pretty funny.

  4. binaryfunky says:

    Its alot like The Moonkin club,
    You are not your starfire,
    You are not how much dps you make,
    We are the all moonfiring and all dancing crap of the world (of warcraft)

  5. Milk0matic says:

    i don’t really think i need to say it hence the top comments buuuuuuut… It’s a fight club reference

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