Patch 5.1 is out! | What happened to (Fire) Mages? | Zevinox

Hey guys :DD Let me know what happened to YOUR class in the comment section and tell me how you like it 😉 I might sound a little bored or tired…That’s because I’m sick, I have a motherf**king throat infection xD I just wanted to upload a video because I wanted to upload a video lol ^_^ Hope you enjoyed, please drop me a like / fav or even subscribe to my channel 😉 I’m an idiot, I forgot my outtro pic… haha 😀 Music: Dame – 12 Millionen ; Feint – Airplanes DnB -Zevin

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  1. BattleForcePvP says:

    Thx 😉

  2. RavenexPvP says:


  3. NexDeCuTTeR says:

    epic :)

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