Random Battleground w/ Vero #3: Battle for Gilneas

Did some random battlegrounds on Monday and this is one of the battles 😀 It feels good to be Alliance again :3 Got Battle for Gilneas and we pwned horde in it! Trying to get geared up for pvp, so expect lots more footage :) Intro Template from ravenprodesigns.com (added the WoW characters myself) Blogs outofmana.me http Portfolio: veronica-davis.com (available for freelance!) Follow me twitter.com Etsy Shop: etsy.com Warcraft and more charms!

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5 Responses to “Random Battleground w/ Vero #3: Battle for Gilneas”

  1. Mg95a says:

    I always want to play my night elf druid when I watch you, she is resto as well…RESTO DRUIDS FTW!!

  2. nacochan says:

    Thank you :D! And agreed lol

  3. nacochan says:

    Yesss! Idk why I forgot what it’s called haha thanks

  4. Insightmind1 says:

    It’s called juking lol , close enough ! and i’ve been in a few bgs with you .

  5. nacochan says:

    Resto druids are the best!

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