us.battle.net Rant about the most retarded change blizzard ever came up with.

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5 Responses to “RANT: BLIZZARD WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???? 6200 PvP power Weapons”

  1. ermeack says:

    Blizz hire reinhart

  2. Rio Mare says:

    Dudee.. come on, i have to call this QQ..
    its like 3/5 of your vids are qqing about blizzard and mage inbalance.
    Yea i know, they are a little OP but so what, “its just game why u heff to be mad”.
    Also, dont u get it that if they buff PvP Power and then buff PvP Resil they actualy did nothing..
    There wont be a change, so why would they do it in the first place..?
    Dont get me wrong, i agree with you that this aint cool for locks n other dotters, but chill out dude, mages cant be the best forever

  3. TheXanTum says:

    I quited the game a weeks days ago.

  4. AlwayzD3ad says:

    i love your fucking accent

  5. Coile95 says:

    Why did they not just leave it at the 2k or whatever it was? Why increase it to 6k pvp power? To make you HAVE to run pvp Weapon?

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