RANT: Bring the Mage Player not the Class!

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5 Responses to “RANT: Bring the Mage Player not the Class!”

  1. Sixalol says:

    Ice Barrier is getting nerfed and can be dispelled (even by a dk)
    Mages have always had 2 blocks…
    30% heal aint good compared to other classes healing
    Ice block can be dispelled
    and mage with no barrier cant do anything as they die in 3 hits

  2. datass1234 says:

    typical answer coming from a mage

  3. TheGrindedMan says:

    go home Reinhart 😀

  4. narto420 says:

    We do have a lot of def cool downs, yet when a warrior pops every thing in the book we cant do shit about it, block its gone, cold snap he smacks through that 30%, our shield? Smashed through that as well. “Best Def cd” 4:35 Pala bubble, can still cast during it, BoP can still cast while being hit but immune to defensive, 4:50 “Best Burst” We can global someone in a deep, if at the opportune time, yet thats within 4-5 seconds, Warriors One Global Cool Down. Dead. Thats my lil defensive argument

  5. Vilvix says:

    What about steal magic? How does a class that use fire & ice get a spell that is a demonic?

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