Rated Battleground MoP Level 90 Restoration Shaman Healer 5.1 PvP World of Warcraft Eye of the Storm

DEMONIC GATEWAY LIKE WTF! Demonology Warlock Xevarius @ Burning Blade, don’t do that again! Having a pretty neat Rated Battleground at +/- 1,5k mmr I’m being an restoration shaman at WoW patch 5.1 Which means I can’t use heroism anymore in RBG. Having a huge mid fight at the flag and at around 7 minutes into the game we realize we could ninja cap a base I did so with An awesome destruction warlock, we had freaking 3 warlocks in our RBG team still we capped Blood Elf Tower and I hold it for +/- 3 minutes and lost it thanks to me, still enough points gathered to win Eye of the Storm!

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